Exodus Limited Edition 1LP and 10"


Celebrating the extraordinary new biopic on the life of a global icon, Bob Marley: One Love, Island/UMe is releasing his timeless album, Exodus, in a new limited edition.

This new version of Exodus features the original album with an alternate cover, an exclusive 10” LP of rare bonus tracks and an essay by Jamaican music historian Herbie Miller, all encased in a gatefold design for the first time.

Exodus is a timeless document that publicly reveals the contemplations and reflections on the life of one of the 20th century’s most revered artists and revolutionaries,” writes Miller in the new liner notes. “It shows Bob’s fears and vulnerability, his steadfast commitment to making humanity as equitable and ideal as imaginable and spreading his Rastafari spirituality to the four corners of the earth.”

As seen in a key scene in the One Love film, the alternate cover is the album’s original design by the late Neville Garrick, a longtime friend of Bob’s who was also his creative designer and lighting director. He initially conceived Exodus in the context of flight, depicting a green, gold, and red-winged migrating bird, with Marley and the Wailers enclosed in a global sphere overseen by Haile Selassie, in an image symbolic of the parting of the Red Sea. Garrick pivoted to the now-classic cover, which will be seen on the back of this new limited-edition release.

The 10” LP includes dub versions of “Exodus,” “Jamming” and “Punky Reggae Party” (associated with Exodus as the B-side of “Jamming”), plus the rare “Roots,” first issued as the B-side of “Waiting In Vain.” All tracks are on vinyl for the first time in decades.


Original LP

A1. Natural Mystic 3:28
A2. So Much Things to Say 3:08
A3. Guiltiness 3:19
A4. The Heathen 2:32
A5. Exodus 7:40
B1. Jamming 3:31
B2. Waiting in Vain 4:16
B3. Turn Your Lights Down Low 3:39
B4. Three Little Birds 3:00
B5. One Love/People Get Ready 2:52

Bonus 10” LP – ‘Exodub’

A1. Exodus (Version) 3:10
A2. Jamming (Dub) 3:07
A3. Roots 3:45
B1. Punky Reggae Party (Dub) 8:50

Limited to 4 per customer.